Sunday, 28 October 2007

And so it is ...

... that I haven't been around for a while. Still feeling under the weather but just about holding up.

In non-sick related news, went to my first Killing Kittens party yesterday. Daniel and I booked ourselves a suite at a nearby hotel and checked in fairly early in the day so we could get some shopping done for the party (which was to have an "Eyes Wide Shut" theme). We promptly headed over to Angels fancy dress store on Shaftesbury Avenue (they do a generous selection of Venetian masks). On arriving at the store, a queue of about 50 people too long snaked its way across the corner (mostly made up of the Halloween crowd). I left Daniel to sort out the masks whilst I indulged in some retail therapy. Stumped for what to wear, I popped into a shop on Regent Street and bought a suitable smart (but not TOO smart) black V-neck tulip dress with pockets (handy for carrying some extra condoms lol) without trying it on, figuring I could do that at the hotel. The only problem once I did? It was about 5 inches too long! Cue calling the concierge to send up a sewing kit and spending the next half hour studiously taking it up.

So, with our masks on, we grabbed a cab to the party, arriving at 10:30 pm. A fabulous venue near Great Portland Street, risque outfits and lots (I repeat, lots!) of champagne fuelled what should have been a hedonistic night of fun. Pity it turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. I have now come to realise that beautiful girls does not a party make!

Did Daniel and I get to participate in any off-the-wall behaviour? Stupid question, really lol. We got to try out the large bed in one of the rooms, got to try out a few women, had some random lady all over me like a rash (despite her constantly claiming she was "shy") and her potential late night shag inviting us back to his place (God knows where). Suffice to say, we declined, got dressed and headed back to our hotel suite for more satisfying fun in 2 hours than could be found in 5 hours back at the party.

So much effort for so little result. Shame, really, especially seeing as Jon and Lisa (a couple we met and played with at a previous Fever Open House party) invited us to a private swingers party at a (supposedly) posh country house in Essex to be held on the same night. Ah well, better luck next time. Funnily enough, there's a Fever party next Saturday somewhere in the Docklands which we've also got tickets to. That'll be our first proper Fever party, as opposed to the Open House parties which, on the whole, are more socially (as opposed to sexually) inclined. I'm not going to hold my breath - then again, a bit of optimism never hurt anybody.

I shall keep you posted! x

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

*Sniff, sniff*

I know my posts have been sporadic at best. Not been feeling too well. Actually, that's an understatement. I've been feeling like shite! Ill, sick, manic - you name it, I feel it.

So, in the throes of my self-pity, you can see why I haven't been the most regular of folks. In the meantime, I have joined up on the KillingKittens website. Its parties are supposedly Fever-style, but better (not surprised. The rumour goes that the lady who set it up was a Fever panel defector). Not been on there for long so far, but I'm sure you'll hear more about it as time goes on.

On that note, going back to sleep on the sofa. I'm too weak to provide you with any clean stories, let alone dirty ones ... xx

Thursday, 4 October 2007

My Prize Pick of the Day ... 04/10/07

Female needed with drivers license and willing to - m4w - 40
Date: 2007-10-04, 4:44PM BST

You wont find this job at the job centre!!!I need someone to work with me as an assistant and to share the driving. the pays is good and there are bonuses. You need to be young attractive (to inspire me) and fit cause the work is not heavy but demanding. The hours are long in the winter but we can always make it fun and hang out in coffee shops/restaurants lunchtimes. You'll meet some interesting people recieve good sex and get paid! it's a full time position and properly legal you'll get well looked after and you need to keep the boss happy :-) At least i'm honest!! earnings would be in excess of £24,000 (£13,000 plus around £300+ bonuses per week) (we could discuss it though)

[Once again, Craigslist comes through with a sterling winner ... weird, strange, possibly scary ... but still a winner!]

Monday, 1 October 2007

My Prize Pick of the Day ... 01/10/07

adult baby needs wet nappy changing Age: 36
Date: Monday 1st October

hi,, i,m a adult nappy wearer,,it,s my fetish,,,i love wearing and wetting my nappies,,its not easy to find a place to change my if any woman would not mind me useing her place to change my wet nappy,, or you can if you like/////// ealing area please or surrounding areas,,,all the best,, wetnappy

(Today's prize pick comes to you courtesy of Gumtree, a site full of rich pickings. Craigslist definitely needs to up its game!)

Thursday, 27 September 2007

My Prize Pick of the Day ... 27/09/07

Freckles? - m4w - 44
Date: 2007-09-27, 5:39PM BST

Aren't there any freckled-bottomed women out there for laughing sex on a chilly autumn day?

If you have freckle-proving picture I guarantee a reply!

[I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, but I DID promise you a prize pick ...]

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Who'd have thought ...

I got a text from Patrick yesterday. How odd. He obviously didn't realise that his last bridge was burnt with THAT unnecessary email ...

In other news, I'm fully enjoying having my Daniel back in all possible ways. So much so that I'm thinking about turning off my profile on AdultFriendFinder temporarily. Yes, I know you're probably thinking that that's just crazy talk, but I'm being serious. Plus, I figured what with the title of this blog, I have been neglecting what used to be my home away from home lol. Then again, that's just because of the disappointments I've had ... I mean, why do men who are no more than 5'8" claim to be "tall"?! In oompa loompa land maybe, but not in the real world ... or not in MY real world, I should say. But don't worry guys. I'm not going all soft and domestic on you. I'm sure this will be a passing phase till my next conquest comes along.

Speaking of conquests, I was chatting with a friend earlier this week and, as it always does, the conversation turned round to sex and what constitutes an acceptable number of "partners". She thought 10, I thought, "Fuck, I passed that point a looong time ago!" I sometimes wonder if that bothers me. I mean, there aren't that many people (let alone females) in their twenties who truly don't know how many people they've slept with. Then again, I've never had an STD or a pregnancy scare, I always use a condom, I get myself checked out twice a year and I'm pretty honest with anyone I'm even thinking of shagging, so I can't be doing THAT badly. I might book myself a session of penance though, just to be on the safe side (would love to see how a priest would react to the stories I have to tell! THAT would definitely be a hidden camera moment! lol)

Well, I shall stop my aimless rambling now. I promise to have a Prize Pick at some point this week, so keep your eyes peeled ...

Saturday, 22 September 2007

There wasn't a hope in hell!

So much for keeping my mouth and legs shut! That didn't work out too well for me though, to be fair, I simply revisited some old "friends". I had a bet going with Royal Marine Guy that I wouldn't touch the DDS for the whole time Daniel was away. For those who don't know what that means, it stands for "Drink, Drugs and Sex". So how'd I do?

Abysmally! I managed till Friday last week but a pal's leaving do at work put paid to my self-grown halo. The Drink got me, The Drugs got me (though I'm now starting to think that maybe a joint doesn't count ...) but I managed quite well on The Sex. A drunken kiss and fumble does not a sexual encounter make!

So, by Friday night, the scores were as follows:
Royal Marine Guy - 2.5 : Citygal - 0
(apparently, a kiss and a fumble counts as 0.5 ...)

The Sex got me on Saturday when I innocently suggested meeting up with Mark for a drink. We went to a great bar called Loungelover in east London. What kept me amused the whole evening was some guy blatantly trying (and, at the same time, failing) to flirt with Mark who, at one point, bent over so low that his trousers left nothing to the imagination! Tres hilarious! Aaanyway, somehow I ended up back at Mark's place and ... you know the rest. This time I stayed over which I really really NEVER do! A combination of pleasant exhaustion and not wanting to go back to an empty house and an empty bed, methinks.

So, by Sunday morning, the scores were as follows:
Royal Marine Guy - 4 : Citygal - 0
(yes, sex with Mark counted as a definitive 1.5 ...!)

The Sex almost got me (again!) on Monday night when I agreed to meet up with a guy I'd exchanged emails with on AdultFriendFinder - as he was Irish, I'll go with stereotypes and call him Patrick*. Patrick, would you believe it, sent me a really cute, obviously posed pic. Nothing wrong with that, though I figured him being 35, the pic must have been taken a fair while back. Again, nothing wrong with that, except that an hour before we were due to meet up, a message popped up on my phone from Patrick entitled "A more recent pic ...". Let's just say the person in this pic bore absolutely no relation to the person in the first. And you guys think it's only us girls that lie! Still kept up our "date" at my local pub. Why? Because the real pic wasn't half bad. But by then I'd already decided that nothing was going to happen. There's nothing I hate more than being misled! Sent him an email to that effect after our "date" to which he responded that ... oh fuck it, I'll just paste the email below:

Hi xxxxxx
You don't do texts??? It would have been easier than logging on to this site! Well your formula for ending things remains the same, the Adult FriendFinder route, lol.
There are reasons for most things and I did explain my reasons, which were legitimate in my view and I've no regrets. I'm not ashamed of what I look like at all, my dimple is enough, lol.. its the site thing, if I'd had an email addy or phone number then you would have got the 2nd photo first [
ed - he could have sent the real picture to my email inbox on AFF from the start so no excuse!]. You were not misled and you are more than capable of saying no to a meet before I got on a train. Misled is Mr short,fat and married with a beard turnig up!
Did enjoy meeting you and making you laugh so again, no regrets, not sure if I would have slept with you though, which is why I was not even going to be cheeky and suggest going home with you the other night. Not that you aren't attractive, more the contrary, your the sort I would fall for totally.
Take care and hope you find some happiness, you don't strike me as someone very happy, and thanks for indulging my stories and yarns.
Yesterday I thought of watching a xxxxxxx movie with you and we both laughing...of all things, rather than me thinking of you standing there wearing nothing but heels and baby oil...that is a huge compliment by the I say, there are reasons for things happening or in this case not happening.
Glad you got home safe anyway x

You get the gist ....

But don't worry, the week did end on a positive note. Met up with Royal Marine Guy for a meal [again, at my local] on Wednesday. The poor staff there must think I'm such a _____ (you fill in the blank!). After the meal, we got ourselves a room at a local hotel and ... again, you know the rest.

So, by Thursday morning, the scores were as follows:
Royal Marine Guy - 4.5 : Citygal - 0
(RMG gets half a point deducted for scoring an own goal!)

Exhausting week, n'est-ce pas? It's been tiring enough typing it all! So now, I'm off to enjoy the weekend with Daniel. Enjoy your weekend(s)! x